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🌹|| Ivy or Rose|| ♏|| She/Her|| Taken||🌹

Hello, I'm Ivy. A animation student, While I am here just to post art, I also do a wide range of things: Cosplay,writing, photography, fan art, and photo-manipulation work, from time to time.

Overall, I Love to play video games, and I'm not much of a TV show person though I will watch youtube or the occasional Anime when I feel like I can sit down and focus, haha!

Not much for words, just kind of awkward when it comes to talking to people. Feel free to say Hi, I'll gladly reply back, but warning I am not all that good at conversation. As you'll see most my lame replies are faces. rabbit heart emoji by rnorals
..... Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

Closest Friends and Online family bunny snuggle emoji by rnorals

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu
RIP CandyPout STAMP by nadzarki
Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Oops I'm sad again (Stamp) by ghoulr Creepy/Cute Stamp by inkedspace Quiet Stamp by omnivore-daydreams ........ Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
I was tagged by  :iconria-kisaragi27: OuO 

*Tag 8 or more persons you want to get to know more using this meme.
*Answer the questions.
*Have fun! ^^

Name: Ivy
Star sign: Scorpio
Average hours of sleep: If my Asthma is in check, 7-8 hours
Lucky numbers:  1107, 7, 21
Favorite fictional character(s):
                                  OMG >~> List is toooo long!
  •  Pretty much lump all the character I fav a lot or doodle form Creepypasta's and that narrows it a lot
  •  Link and Dark link of course U.U
  • Amnesia guys U.U (visual novel not the dark decent >__>)
  • Hisoka ewe
  • A lot of my friends characters like OuO
  • -shall stop the list here U.U-

Fave color: Dark red, black, tricolors
Current Attire: eeer Black shirt that might as well be a dress =3=
When did you start this account: so long ago but I got active on 2014
Number of Watchers: 1,420
What do you post?:  Mostly doodles <__>
Other blogs: Pffft too many to list >~>
Do you get a lot of comments?:   Sometimes, other times I wish I would get more on others. But I don't wanna force anyone to just comment on whateve xD x.x
Why did you choose this username?:  I was trying to think of a better username than the last one I had (Zeldaslave, more proof of being a LOZ fan haha ) and it also needed to be something with my first name for what I was doing for a hobby at the time. 

 Ivy- My name
DarkRose- I just love roses and I love the dark color of roses <3 but I imagine the dark also can be a hint for my love of dark themes. or even my obsession with vampires and other mythical creatures ^-^

I tag the following: 

I normally don't tag.... Sorry ^~^' 
Goodbye Kazu!~ by nadzarkiRose 

I have been struggling with words I want to say. 

This came to a complete shock to hear, and is just devastating.

I've been crying for days now, stuck in this surreal moment, trying to be strong about this.

I wish to take this moment now.....

CandyPout ,

You are the sweetest, nicest and most happy person I met. Too cute to handle, always so positive when we talked.
When I came to you for advice on how to improve my lighting and shading, you helped greatly.

Many of us will never forget how amazing you are, I know you are free now from what you experienced and that you still hold that love for your friends, everyone. 

We will miss you greatly, and know that you'll never be forgotten and will always hold a special place in the hearts of many. and Please, watch over Jas too...

Rose Heart We love you so much Kaz!Heart  Rose 


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Shisorus Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Student
Thanks for the fav~ chu
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Sorry to bother, but um... are you open for art trades?
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Thanks for the fav!

Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
IvyDarkRose Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course x3
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Do you like the new Reboot designs for CreepyHigh?
IvyDarkRose Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I do!
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Your art is awesome! Keep up the hard work! :)
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