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"Drip, Drip, Drip...."
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Nathan the Nobody Origin
In the Past, Nathan had a normal childhood. He grew up in a great family with his maternal twin sister, Crystal. Unlike his sister, his eyes were different shades of color, the rare genetic condition called Heterochromia Iridum, this for him meaning is blue and the other eye green like his sisters. Nathan and his sister mostly raised by their Mother, who cared for them almost equally. Nathan’s Father, however, tried his best.
He was about 6 years old, when he noticed his father didn’t give him the same amount of affection that he did with his sister. He was a smart kid, had an easy time in school. While his sister was a lot better at making new friends.How could she not? In his eyes, he saw her as the nicest person in his life.
Often, Nathan was quick to anger, He didn’t quite know why that was, he just got angry a lot, and so easily too. That temper would get him in many fist fights and arguments with his fellow peers and teachers.
His action would then lead to many

[Creepypasta] Nobody Saw It Coming
Dead leaves crunch underneath, noises of crickets joining in to create a small melody for my walk back. The air while cool, is yet dry tonight, no wind in the trees. The fenced neighborhood, dark, lonely, and quiet; though, that being due to the late hour. My feet carry me to the familiar home, the place I know inside and out like the back of my hand.      
What time is it?
The thought sinks into my mind. Eyes weighing heavily; specifically from the long days of working. Or was it weeks? So much work, all important work that means life or death to me. Sleep means nothing to me. It just gets in the way.
I go on until the point where I might collapse. I’ve never learned my own limit. Only at a few times, I give heed to rest and find somewhere safe to sleep wherever I am. A few hours always make due, until the deadline ends. Then I can finally rest again.
I slip past the side gate of the residence in front of me, careful to not push it p

Nathan the Nobody button - commission by Akito0405

Pasta Pixels by KingdomWielders

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About Me

Winter Woods | Long Divider by TheCandyCoating

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy ||INFP-T||Ivy or Rose||♏||She/Her||Taken|| Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy

:bulletpink: Smol Fairy by IvyDarkRose :bulletpink:

Hello, I'm Ivy. An animation student, While I am here just to post art, I also do a wide range of things: Cosplay,writing, photography, fan art, and photo-manipulation work, from time to time.

Overall, I Love to play video games, and I'm not much of a TV show person though I will watch youtube or the occasional Anime when I feel like I can sit down and focus, haha!

Not much for words, just kind of awkward when it comes to talking to people. Feel free to say Hi, I'll gladly reply back, but warning I am not all that good at conversation. As you'll see most my lame replies are faces. rabbit heart emoji by rnorals
..... Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

Icon by dav-ink, thank you again lil bro ^-^

-Find me here too-

Teal Crystal Cluster Bullet by Sukiie Youtube - Instagram Teal Crystal Cluster Bullet by Sukiie

I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain


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Oooo! I would love to do a collab!
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